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Saturday, July 23, 2005

I was Corporate when Corporate wasn't cool . . .

The past coupla days I have spent downloading various punk and ska music so that-- while not planning on making a re-emergence on "the scene" anytime soon, I might bounce around happily doing "the skank" while, I dunno, cleaning? perhaps.

(The one form of dance I was really, truly good at . . . I'll never get to do in public ever, ever again . . . )

It was brought up recently that I've become much more "stylish" in my dress. I mean, what the hell is this little hemp rope I have tied around my neck? And my flip-flops from American Eagle?

American Eagle?! I used to avoid those stores like the plague . . . but when I was in one recently I started salivating over the fact that the argyle sweater vest is in-style now. Alright! I used to wear those back in '97 with my two-tone wing-tip shoes, black slacks, and pork pie hat to catch the Skatalites out on a Tuesday night in Houston . . .

Man . . . I guess I was corporate when corporate wasn't cool.

Ah well . . . I have sold-out. There is no doubt about it. I knew it would happen even back then.

Its cool to be punk when you are 18. If you are still punk when you are 28 -- you are either a loser . . . or in a band.

And I was never a Blink-182/Fashion Punk either. Actually, I was more of a "rude boy" because I'd have chosen ska over punk any day.

But that is all behind me now. Now, in a few very short years, I will be driving an Escalade, making 6-figures, carrying a briefcase and a Blackberry and I'll be lucky if I have enough time to listen to the Bosstone's "The Impression That I Get" downloaded on my Ipod.

If I am lucky enough, maybe I'll be like that group of 40-somethings in khakis and polos we saw in the club when the Skatalites came to town. I'll drop in one night to see one of my old favorites, aged but still touring/chasing that dream . . . and the kiddos'll laugh at me too.


I just added advertising to this lil blog o' mine. I couldn't ge more corporate than that. But I hope you enjoy.

And, please folks, support the advertisers who support this blog.

Okay, well, so they don't actually support me . . . but maybe someday they will pay me enough to buy an argyle vest from AE? Well, maybe not . . . how about a t-shirt at Old Navy? More likely.

And remember, as the saying goes:

If you aren't liberal when you are young, you have no heart. If you aren't conservative when you are older, you have no sense.

. . . or something like that. Enjoy it while it lasts!


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