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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

What part of "NO" do you not understand?

Let the jokes begin and the years of head-shaking over another "frivolous" lawsuit start now. . .

but Mickey D's screwed up big. Big.

I once had a good friend with celiac disease, which causes your body to react violently to the introduction of any gluten (found in wheat products) into the digestive system. The gluten kills the part of the small intestine that absorbs nutrients. People with celiac disease that eat even a small amount of gluten can get very weak and sick and could die if the consumption of gluten continues and/or no treatment is given.

I know from my friend that people with celiac disease rely heavily on accurate product labeling in order to find foods safe to eat. (She introduced me to Nut Thins and cream cheese as one of the best snacks ever invented as a result).

So roughly two years ago McDonald's listed everyone's favorite french fries as being gluten-free.

Awesome, right? For a group of individuals who are already severely limited in what they can eat, it was great news.

Not anymore.

Last week, in response to new federal regulations regarding food labeling, McDonald's changed the labeling of their fries to "contains wheat and milk ingredients."

And then after a few of these people who've been subsidizing the Mickey D executives' salaries through their two-years-worth of chowing down on the treat decided to file suit . . .

McDonald's releases a statement in essence saying: "Oh, yeah, we kind of have to list our french fries as containing wheat and milk ingredients so that we don't, er, get in trouble with the federal government. But, the good news is -- guess what! We're just kidding because our fries don't actually contain wheat so you can still eat them." Maybe they should have added, "Just do us a favor and don't tell Washington."

Get it straight. Either your product has gluten or it does not. Either prove it to the FDA or stop lying to us.

It kind of sounds like you trying to convince me your grilled chicken sandwich is more healthy than anything I could possibly dream of eating.

Seriously, what part of "NO" do you not understand?


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