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Friday, April 07, 2006

I Never Giggled When He Said The Word "QWERTY"

The all-powerful soothsayers claim to know that in a few years laptop computers in the classroom will be a "thing of the past."

And I don't think they are referring to nuclear winter. (Check out the link!)

I would have to disagree, though. And not from an emotional perspective.

I think it is a matter of logic and economics:

Law Schools are run by lawyers. Lawyers have egos. Therefore, egos run law schools.

I continue . . .

Law Schools need students. Students want laptops. Therefore, students will go to the law schools that allow laptops.

So . . .

If egos run law schools, and law schools need students, and students will go to law schools that allow laptops

Then the egos will allow laptops.

One might question this logic, pointing out than an ego would also like to have a student's full attention in class.

To this I say:

1. Student's will never pay full attention in class. Sometimes even solitaire tic-tac-toe can be more exciting than a lecture on the Holder-in-Due-Course. AND,

2. Egos need students in the seats before they can hope to get their attention.

See, it is all a matter of logic and economics. It would take nothing short of a miracle for every law school to make a death pact, signed and initialed in blood, that they will not allow laptop computers before the unlucky bastards that choose to come to law school 5 or 10 years from now will have to worry about taking notes with a pencil.

But that will never happen. Because law schools are run by egos, remember? And an ego will use every tool for the advantage of being better than the rest.

Besides, don't you think the implications were discussed before the first school installed wireless internet and allowed laptops in the classroom. Sure! They thought about it and laughed because they were the first . . .

Oh well . . . I'm off to go camping. Catch you on the flip side.


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