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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

My Mouth is Writing a Check . . .

If I've said it once, I've said it twice. And I will not hesitate to say it again:

Law Students whine way too damned much. WAY too much. They need to hold seminars on when to keep our mouths shut. Like right now -- I should probably just shut up.

But I am not going to. On the contrary . . .

I am going to keep typing and may even get myself in trouble.

DrudgeReport has posted a link to a story about a University of Memphis law professor banning the use of laptops in her class.

Not really much of a story, right? Definitely undeserving of Drudge . . . I thought.

But the story isn't what the law professor did, it is what how the law students responded.

They collected a petition. And then filed a complaint with the American Bar Association.

Because the ABA cares, right??

Yeah, uh, not really.

So now they're threatening to transfer schools if not allowed to use their laptops.

A fellow student commented to me: "Right, because law schools all over the nation must be clamoring to take in these disaffected University of Memphis geniuses . . ."

Uh, sure. But I don't think that matters . . .

After a little research, we've come to find this professor teaches Civil Procedure, Advanced Civil Procedure, and Evidence.

I couldn't have made it through that class without the internet.

I don't care if it was to the new Liberty University School of Law,

if I had to face Advanced CivPro without a computer, I might transfer too.


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