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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Update on Tech's Dunce Blawger

The 1L student I used as an example of what not to do with your blawg,

And then chastised for her ridiculousness in handling the situation,

Has proven, once more, her inability to handle her problem . . .

All of those wonderfully helpful comments left on her ONLY post have been deleted, and she has chosen not to post since then.

Perhaps she has been spending her time applying to more reasonable law schools.

I mean this with all sincerity -- Good Luck!

DISCLAIMER: Mary Wahne neither endorses the content of this blog, nor finds anything about it even mildy entertaining. That being said, Mary now owns Moonlighting in Misery and so just be thankful I have allowed him time to write this nonsense in between his picking up my dry cleaning and waiting on me hand-and-foot.


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