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Friday, March 03, 2006

Good News!!

The 1L I posted about who was outed by e-mail yesterday, but then deleted her blog . . .

She has reappeared here. And she begins with a sort of half-explanation/half-apology to the student body.

She would definitely never make it working spin control in politics . . .

First off, you don't delete your old blog and create a new one using the same name just inviting constant surveillance of whatever you utter from here on out . . .

You do selectively delete posts on your old blog that will get you in trouble and/or offend the people you are trying not to offend.

THEN you write and post a letter on your old blog apologizing for the situation and explaining that when taken in the context of the blog you honestly meant no harm to anyone. And allow curious gawkers to course through the still-present entries, decide they are harmless, and will decide the controversy is not worth any more of their time.

And when you've done that, create a new blog anonymously and don't tell everyone where it is. Then you can tell your undergrad friends all over the nation where the new blog is and continue to criticize a vague and unidentifiable law student body.

This is much easier. After all, we are law students -- we recognize law students have problems. But only the law students at other schools.


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