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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Wednesday Wants to Know: Alcoholic's Edition

Question 1
a). What's the best drink to aid you to make your mind an etch-a-sketch?

The worst I have ever been was a result of vodka-heavy screwdrivers

b). What will you sip/nurse/chug when you are in a social setting and you cannot appear to be a lush?

Pepsi. If you don't wish to appear a lush, why drink at all? I tried cherry vodka sours last fall during a law firm's OCI coctail but that did not work. As a result of the anxiety, I lost track of how many I'd had.

c). Some say you are being cultured, others say you are an alcoholic; when drinking alone, what is your poison of choice?

A sweet white wine.

Question 2
What has your drunk___ done to embarass the ____ out of yourself the most?

I was 19. After drinking the vodka-heavy screwdrivers, and downing a little over a liter of vodka in less than 45 minutes, I guess I became the focal point of the party. Slipping in and out of consciousness over a 2 hour period I ranted and raved, I ended up standing on the table reciting Shakespeare, and I finally devolved to complaining about my then-girlfriend who I'd just found was quickly becoming a meth addict before excusing myself to the back porch to get sick.

An hour later, when I heard one friend say she wanted to take me to the hospital if I didn't stop puking soon . . . I asked to be helped to bed and was practically carried by two girls to my room.

The next day afternoon I had to go to a set-strike "party" for the production of "Three Birds Alighting on a Field" we'd just finished running. Someone must have recorded me the night before and passed out a script of my rants . . . because everyone else could repeat back to me things I don't even remember having said.

Question 3
In your best Thomas Crown impression, what is the best way to debonairly buy a person you are attracted to a drink?

Honestly, I have never done this.


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