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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Texas Tech School of Law

and Center for the Performing Arts.

I believe that would be a more accurate designation for this place, at times. But I suppose such would be the case with any law school.

If barristers had been educated by organized schools in 1580, Shakespeare would have had a field day with us.

Not only would we have been the subject of the plays, but undoubtedly the performers as well.

I have often asked myself why so many movies and television shows are made about lawyers . . . but I am sure now it must be since lawyers are so easily played. It would be near to impossible to over-act this part.

Hmm . . . thinking of Shakespeare reminds me of what he once wrote, and I must add:

All the world is a stage . . . and Law School is our Broadway.


Blogger bearispissed said...

Thanks for the kind words. Unfortunately some don't appreciate me as much as others. Probably because I'm making fun of them while they suck at life. Frankly I'm surprised the administration hasn't hit me with a blackjack and thrown me in the brazos.

1/19/2006 4:15 PM  

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