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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

It is getting so cold, momma

After meeting with the student writing editor this morning, I am afraid there won't even be enough of my comment left for me to burn when this is over.

My comment editor has asked me how much critcism I would like to receive from her. "Let me have it," I told her. I assume when I get it back it will appear as if she committed hara-kiri while clutching my 112 pages of stream-of-conscious legal musings. Perhaps I can add a green border to give it that festive Christmas feel?

No. It is probably too late for that. This doesn't look good for a person who wants to make a living out of the study and practice of Constitutional Law.

Maybe I can return to Oklahoma and take up the family business. I can be the philosophical fence builder. I am a damned good salesman.

Or perhaps I'll just start selling crack . . .

Damn. That's out of the question, as well. The lawyers have cornered that market, too, where I am from. no lie.


Blogger Red Sonya said...

Your comment editor, ME, understands your frustration. Furthermore, as one who is going to make a living practicing constiutional law, all the red ink I can muster will only help you in the long run! (Actually, I am using pencil so as to save us both some shock.) Hang in there - it's not going to be as bad as you think and I am here for you!

1/19/2006 9:30 AM  

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