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Friday, August 18, 2006

How Do You Scare a New OneL?

Tell him he really has to study.

Yes, for the 5 of you still reading me . . .

I am back!

At least for one more year, and then who knows.

I really should get more serious about this blawging stuff, y'know, and stop goofing off and wasting my time on doing actual work . . . that pays.

Future Baby Misery can always get a job himself when it comes time to getting a car. But he'll always think his dad is the coolest because of the legacy left by this blawg . . .


So I had to participate in the new student orientation today.

After listening to the faculty and administration drone on for two days, they unleashed the new class on a few of us right before letting them break to spend the weekend drinking their fears away.

And some poor soul asked the question, "Do you really have to study 55 hours per week to do well in law school?"

Hell yeah! I was wondering the same thing when they tried to push that off on me 2 years ago. Great question.

One girl volunteered by quickly blurting out, "No, I may study 5 to 10 hours."

To which another on our panel replied, "Yes, but its different for everyone. I have to study a lot more. And if you do you'll see it pays off. When you are up here at 5:30 a.m. on a Saturday morning, just think about how great you will do in the long run . . ."

And the eyes of those new 1Ls got huge . . .

You. mean. I. actually. need. to. study. at.

Ha ha. Yeah right! It doesn't happen.

I have never seen a law student at the school studying at 5:30 a.m. on a Saturday morning.

'Course, it'd be easier to test that theory if I ever actually went up there at that time myself.

But I'm not crazy, either. And if I was really into testing theories . . .

I would have gone to medical school.


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