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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Blokes & Jokes & Fake ID's

aLs and I were discussing what impact our blawg/myspace/facebook accounts might have on our job searches if found by any potential employers . . .

When the following exchange took place:

MiM on AiM: yeah, well, what about myspace . . . that's much easier to find
PikeOO7: yeah it is
PikeOO7: myspace is the one ppl always look for
PikeOO7: You can set it so that only you myspace friends can view your profile. That would solve that problem.
MiM on AiM: yeah, because that one picture of me naked mud-wrestling a donkey probably won't help me get a judicial clerkship, I imagine
PikeOO7: I would hire you on the spot.
PikeOO7: To me that says "team player" and "good for office morale"
MiM on AiM: yeah, but you'd have to rent the donkey next time . . . last time I never got my deposit back
PikeOO7: hahaha
PikeOO7: "no sir, we will not return this deposit, you soiled our donkey!"
MiM on AiM: they had to put the poor thing down
MiM on AiM: it just never was quite the same after that
PikeOO7: hahaha, they hoped that counseling would help it....but that faraway look just never left its eyes
MiM on AiM: hey, what can I say, I just have that affect on people
MiM on AiM: y'know, better than our blawging . . .
MiM on AiM: the conversations blawgers have on AIM are even more entertaining

Then it occurred to us that we ought to take this show on the road, 48 cities in 52 days. We'll reserve local county convention centers across the nation where we will showcase our blawgs, peddle our wares, and show-off our funnies.

And the main-event will be a large panel discussion of blawgers, before the audience of attendees, where we let the jokes and drama fly . . .

aLs says he can just picture the official Hoodie reading "Blawger Convention '06"

Fake ID's Encouraged!!

I guess now we just need to find our Sponsors . . .


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