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Thursday, July 28, 2005

A Yahoo Conversation About Law School . . .

Mr. Java: i had a legislation class taught by the law librarian...he went and testified before the state legislature against some model code something or'd think it was the crowning glory of his life to hear him tell about it every single day

Moonlighting_on_Yahoo: LMAO

Moonlighting_on_Yahoo: the law librarians . . . they're a complete other story

Mr. Java: tell me about guy in my class was actually aspiring to be a law librarian

Mr. Java: like, he got accepted to a grad library science program

Moonlighting_on_Yahoo: they crack me up . . . and i will never be able to fathom why you'd subject yourselves to 3 years of hell just to shelf books the rest of your life

Mr. Java: i never could figure that out

Moonlighting_on_Yahoo: i'm with you there

Mr. Java: it's their f***** up numbering system-- dewey decimal is right out the window but the reporters have consecutive numbers in huge fonts

Mr. Java: 127..128...129 ain't so tough

Moonlighting_on_Yahoo: yeah, i was going to say . . . what numbering system?? in our library, everything is a scavenger hunt . . . and they keep moving everything around . . . one day its there, 2 days later you come back and its, "I effen KNEW the federal reporter WAS RIGHT HERE last week?!"

Mr. Java: that's why God invented lexis...and for the free **** they give you. I mean when you log on and see how many "points" you got... that's some exciting ****

Moonlighting_on_Yahoo: amen

Mr. Java: i have more freakin' travel mugs than i know what to do with

Moonlighting_on_Yahoo: ha ha . . . i'm saving mine up for something but i'm not sure what

Mr. Java: xmas gifts

Mr. Java: everyone loves a travel mug

Mr. Java: and you'll have plenty left over, even if everyone gets one

Moonlighting_on_Yahoo: guy from Baylor Law runs a blog posted on this scheme . . . some 1L there had come up with where he went through and figured up the actual cost of each item offered as a giveaway on Lexis

Moonlighting_on_Yahoo: and weighed that against the points required for each item

Moonlighting_on_Yahoo: and figured the best value for the points is the Bose speakers

Mr. Java: lmao

Mr. Java: i blew all my points on amazon

Moonlighting_on_Yahoo: so, he figured, if everyone could aim for the Bose speakers . . . maybe he could put Lexis out of business . . .

Mr. Java: but i thank the good folks at lexis for enhancing my media collection

Mr. Java: lmfao

Mr. Java: teach them a lesson

Moonlighting_on_Yahoo: i don't think it'll work . . . he'd disappear and never be heard from again

Mr. Java: lmao...the lexis goon squad

Moonlighting_on_Yahoo: oh yeah, Lexis freaks me out!! you see the Westlaw reps, they're always around . . handing out crap, changing out printer cartridges, reloading paper, fixing jams . . . whatnot . . . but the Lexis reps?!?!

Moonlighting_on_Yahoo: you NEVER see the Lexis reps . . . yet the printer cartridges are always fresh, there's always paper, and free crap just magically shows up in our boxes

Moonlighting_on_Yahoo: freaks me out

Mr. Java: research ninjas

Mr. Java: quick like lightning

Moonlighting_on_Yahoo: shepardize that thought.

Moonlighting_on_Yahoo: . . . if I can learn the way of the lexis research ninja . . .

Mr. Java: ahh, grasshopper...the ways of the lexis ninja are mysterious

Mr. Java: you have to go to a secret shrine at lexis world headquarters and sweep the floors for a year

Moonlighting_on_Yahoo: first, tho, I have to track down Master Po

Mr. Java: then you can enter the mystic training

Mr. Java: to aquire the lex-fu

Moonlighting_on_Yahoo: and when will I be done?? when I can snatch the Black's Legal Dictionary from his hand??

Mr. Java: lmao

Mr. Java: i had all the lex-fu, no west-fu though

Mr. Java: being on Law Review, you will be a ninja in no time flat

Moonlighting_on_Yahoo: i shall study with "all deliberate speed," and perhaps one day I may roam the earth like Caine dispensing my lex-fu wisdom to others . . .


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