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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

MiM and Shofiya Entertainment presents . . .

DJ McNastee.

Producer. Artist. Gangsta Rappa. And . . . all 'round good guy.

Is it just me, tho, or is it difficult to picture him as an all-out thug?

I mean . . . am I biased? Could he be thuggin' or will he never get rid of the teddy-bear image no matter what he does to disguise himself??

I know I am biased.

I was there when he got his first piercings . . . in his nipples.

I was there when he lost his virginity. Well, not actually right there but I found out about it very soon afterward.

I was there when he wore a dress to school, and I . . . well, okay . . . like I've said already, we won't go there.

I was there when he took the "Butch's Watch" monologue from Pulp Fiction to a speech competition . . . and darned near won.

I was there when he wanted to start a punk band . . . the first time. I was lead singer and like any good band, we had to have a ballad. It was the only song we had. It was about a guy who missed his prison beach and longed to get back inside to his one and only true love. But when he did, his love had found another.

I was there for it all. I still have my sophomore yearbook where he penciled in the words to "The Gambler" for all posterity.

I was even there when we both got hit on by the guy at Christy's Toy Box . . . "McNastee" laughed, I fled.

The long and short of it is, I don't think I will ever see him as a cold, hard Thug no matter what happens.

But that doesn't mean he's not talented.

The guy has some good stuff, some hard stuff . . . if you can get past the teddy-bear image.

Another best friend from high school and I discussed all this Sunday night. I told him when we both finish law school, we ought to take some money and offer it to "McNastee" in order for him to make an album he can put into wide release.

"Huge" (as I'll call friend #2), Huge said he wouldn't accept it. Huge thought he'd sooner shoot us for the offer to create respect and bolster his "rep".

Maybe so. He did write on a message board: "I'd rather have no money than no respect."

Still . . . I would like to encourage all of my 5 readers to check out "McNastee" at Shofiya Entertainment.

Some of the videos, such as "Homicide," I must warn you have an Adult theme that may be offensive.

Others, such as "Love Letters," are a little amateur but you must listen to the words on this one . . .

And then others, like "Im a Hater," (which samples from '80s "Rock Me Amadeus") is just plain funny.

So, Fall semester is about to start and things are bound to get a little stressful in the next few months . . . when they do, take a break and watch one of these videos.

Oh, and continue to tune in and read my lil ol blog, as well . . .


Blogger the invisible romantic said...

I've only had time to take the quickest of glances at your blog, but I am heartened by one fact-- your claim that you are boring.

People who make such a claim, in my experience, rarely are.

You don't know me, and I certainly don't know you, but through the vagaries of circumstance, your blog referred some lonely soul to mine. Curious, isn't it, how the internet works, or better yet, doesn't?

At any rate, I should be going, though I'll bookmark your site.

What other wondrous places does my sitemeter have in store for me? Hm, I wonder.

Haha, take it easy.

8/18/2005 12:49 PM  

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