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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Random Thoughts

1. Have you ever tasted something you know is not edible simply because it smells as if it should be?

The new pomeade I bought for my hair smells like lemon-flavored Italian Ice. I love lemon flavored Italian Ice.
2. How come I always have to sit next to the fat, smelly guy on the bus?

I can only but anticipate my bus trip to Houston next week will constitute at least 5 hours of sitting next to someone whom packing himself into the seat next to me will be done much like packing a parachute -- only with extreme care and precision. Hopefully it will not end the same as the last time, where he re-boarded after a stop at MacDonald's with a bag full of $1 double cheesburgers and a 44 oz. coke and I had the pleasure of holding the bag because he had already utilized all of his availabe room.
3. From where I sit in the basement of the library, I can look up through the skylight and view whisps of white clouds floating by.

I've always wanted to go outside and look down through the skylight to see if its transparent or not . . . but I'm afraid I'd look like a fool. Then again, I'm not sure I look all that smooth in the basement of the library leaning backwards over a table looking up through the skylight watching the whisps of white clouds as they float by.

4. What ever happened to Punky Brewster and Fraggle Rock??

I don't remember all of the details from the shows, but I have a theory. See-- in Fraggle Rock they lived in the walls and beneath this house. This house was inhabited by an old man. This old man had a big shaggy dog. Punky Brewster inhabited a house with an old man and had a big shaggy dog.

I am not quite sure where I am going with this . . . but did you ever think this might be two sides of the same story?

I mean, you never saw Punky on Fraggle Rock because, of course, the Fraggles never had a problem with this spunky, easy-going pig-tailed firebrand. The Fraggles only beef was with the old man and the big shaggy dog who, understandably, acted as any big shaggy dog would when he felt a Fraggle run across his tail: he would bark and bite.

And you never saw the Fraggles on Punky Brewster because, of course, Henry had to hide from Punky the fact that there were small human-like creatures living in the walls else he could risk losing his custody of her. And if Punky ever knew, she couldn't let on for fear of the same. But, also, if you remember the cartoon-version . . . Punky had a magical little furry friend. Coincidence? I think not.


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