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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

"Existential Disappointment": My Two Cents Worth

I had yesterday's post from Melissa at Opinionistas pointed out to me just now as a reflection of my own recent disgust with the things I see around me.

To exercise redundancy, I would also like to quote from her post:

Faith, or the key to man’s (and woman’s) happiness, is simply the state of being ultimately concerned. Concerned with what? Something that truly deserves it. If you spend life being ultimately concerned with things that are not worthwhile, you’ll end up in a state called “existential disappointment.”

Now I believe both Mike at BarelyLegal and Elle at LegallyBlonde have done an excellent job at reflecting upon Melissa's words. And they don't need my help.

I would, however, offer this:

Each time I sat down as a minister to talk to or counsel a person, it was incumbent upon me to convey that very sense of what life ultimately means. It is not merely lawyers that struggle every day with "existential disappointment."

Everyone does. Even those of us who drift through this world and know where our concerns should be.


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