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Monday, January 23, 2006

The World's Smallest Violin Plays for You

Allow me to reiterate how overly dramatic law students can be.

Last night I sat on the 2nd Floor with my Page Proof/Shelf Check partner editing an article for the Water Law edition . . .

And a librarian appears--

"I've had a couple complaints about a big noise problem up here. Have you noticed anything."

My first impression is, either she is approaching the situation with tact or -- as was the case -- she didn't notice a problem with our quiet discussion of the fact the author of our article decided not to footnote a single sentence.

We were the only people present so, after making a dramatic glance around, I replied:

"Noooo. Doesn't seem to be a noise problem here. We're just working on this article. But I tell you what, we'll call you if we notice anything."

Right. Expect a phone call from us.


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