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Friday, January 20, 2006

That Wacky Court

The Supreme Court is intent on complicating my life to its fullest.

Two weeks. My student comment.

Two weeks from today. It is due. In its finality.

I am writing on Federalism. Federal-State balance of power. The Tenth Amendment. The Commerce Clause.

A few months ago, the Court held in a 6-3 decision that California residents could not use marijuana for medicinal purposes, regardless of its legitimacy in that state, because it interferred with federal law on the subject.

This week, a mere 2 weeks before I am to rid myself of this . . . they complicate things.

The Court, in Gonzales v. Oregon has ruled that Oregon doctors can use controlled drugs to help kill their terminally-ill patients, even though this is not allowed according to federal law.

So a State has the right to kill people. But can't help make them feel better.

And what is more, it is also wacky-backwards week for the Supreme Court:

Scalia is wearing Ginsberg's underwear.

And Justice Thomas is voting like Justice Stevens.

Touche, Supreme Court, Touche.


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