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Sunday, January 22, 2006

We Don't Do Anything "Half-Ass"

Having been born and raised a Denver Broncos fan, there were a few "truths" I had taught to me as a child:

1. John Elway is the second greatest man to have ever lived--the first being Jesus Christ.
2. You are a Bronco when you win. You are a Bronco when you lose.
3. There is always next year.

At least one other lesson I have learned from observation:

1. When the Broncos lose in the post-season, we usually lose big.

Case in point . . .

Superbowl XII (1978) - Broncos, 10; Cowboys, 27
Superbowl XXI (1987) - Broncos, 20; Giants, 39
Superbowl XXII (1988) - Broncos, 10; Redskins, 42
Superbowl XXIV (1990) - Broncos, 10; 49ers, 55

As a Bronco fan I will always hold on to the memories of Elway's last years . . .

Superbowl XXXII (1998) - Broncos, 31; Packers, 24
Superbowl XXXIII (1999) - Broncos, 34; Falcons, 19

And the knowledge that no team has won more regular season games since 1978 than my Denver Broncos. Thank you Dan Reeves. Thank you Mike Shanahan. Thank you John.

As I finish this post, the score is now 27-17, Steelers, with 5:00 to play in the 4th. And it looks with the fumble recovery on the Steeler's 18 . . . it won't end any closer.

I will now go clean the kitchen. And get ready for the coming week. And keep in mind lesson #3.

There is always next year.


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