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Friday, April 28, 2006

To the Curious Professor

Dear Curious Professor,

I understand that you are quite intent on figuring out who the person is that calls himself Moonlighting in Misery. My friend tells me that she has had some amusing conversations involving your theories on who I might be. I must say I am terribly glad that my blawg could finally bring her some small amount of enjoyment.

I am sure she will not crack anytime soon, either. At least I hope she does not. For if she does, and she no longer has you questioning her about this, then she would be left with nothing but the job of giving me a hard time for my awkward attempts at humor.

And I rather enjoy the momentary reprieve I've received.

Besides, do you really want to see the man behind the mask? I mean, maybe if I was Antonio Banderas in Zorro--sure! But, alas, I am no Antonio Banderas. And if I were I probably would not be spending my time writing some scantily read blawg besides. (I'd be busy doing something else with some scantily . . . well, nevermind, I think I'll keep that to myself).

Think more along the line of Tin Man's utter surprise when they found some balding middle-aged "Willy Loman" pulling a few levers and talking into a microphone behind a curtain.

Get the picture?

I have not been a student in your class--much to my misfortune, according to my friend. And I probably will not have the opportunity either. Though I do appreciate the small compliment you have bestowed by your continued reading and wondering who I am.

I will make you a deal, however. If you'd really like to know who I am, then I will tell you. But you must first buy one of my t-shirts and wear it to school, preferrably in front of your group of 1Ls. I could use the free advertisement, and it would be rather entertaining besides. Then I will seek you out and tell you.

Until then, I hope you continue reading. And I hope I don't make a complete and total ass out of myself much as our beloved Dunce Blawger did. I do promise, though, I will never mention the lining, or lack of, in your suits if you will continue to be kind about the humor, or lack of, in my writing.


Moonlighting in Misery, soon-to-be 3L


Anonymous Anonymous said...

But you speak so well.

4/30/2006 12:21 PM  

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