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Thursday, April 27, 2006

He Got the Clap; I Gave It Proudly

Many blawgers, including myself, have written about the somewhat bizarre ritual of applause that we Law Students are expected to give to each professor on the last day of class . . .

And I think most would agree that at least 50 to 75% of the time, the applause is more formality than genuine appreciation.

But with the professor of which I spoke yesterday--especially following his legal equivalent of Churchill's "Blood, Sweat, and Tears" Speech--the applause I gave was willingly doled.

But, best of all, he did not linger to wallow in it.

No. He jogged out.

I just wish, when he had reached the top of the stairs, he would have turned--still jogging in place--and raised his arms victoriously in the air.

If his speech did not make the whole semester worth it, that would have. Most definitely.

NOTE: My post yesterday was meant to be a bit of an homage to this professor. As is my policy, however, I did not give his name. Neither will I give his name without his permission. But if you are that professor, and you've stumbled upon my oh-so humble blawg, I will gladly give you credit if you e-mail me. You can find my e-mail by clicking on my profile to the top right.


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