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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Stupid !*$#@!% Tourists

Mrs. Misery flew in last night to Baltimore/Washington International (BWI).

For those who don't know, D.C. is serviced by three airports (Reagan, Dulles, BWI). But of the three, BWI is by far the cheapest to fly into when traveling to D.C., and it is about the same distance from D.C. as Dulles.

But, still, it is a good 35 miles away.

Now you can make this trip by Metro taking a bus from the airport to the Greenbelt station, OR you can travel by Amtrak, OR you take the MARC train.

None of which were running last night when she arrived, so we initially decided to rent a car.

But, after arguing with the rental car company over their fees--and given that I did not want to drive anyways--we changed our mind and went in search of a taxi.

Around here it is, I believe, a federal crime for a Maryland cabbie to take a fare into D.C. . .

I mean, this is protected turf. Right?

So we're looking for the taxi cab stand when this guy asks if we need a taxi . . .

Well, sure, of course we do!

Little did I know, the guy wasn't driving a taxi but a sedan. (For those who dont' know, that's somewhere in between a taxi and a limo).

And by the time I arrived at the steps of the Capitol, the price was far far more than I'd anticipated.

How much, you ask, did I pay for this sedan ride?

With tip, $85.

Yes, eighty-five.

And it was still much cheaper than renting a car.


Blogger Anonymous Law Student said...

Mrs. that's funny.

5/20/2006 1:10 PM  
Blogger Thomas, Brandy, Sydnie, and Marley said...

You should have told us you were going to be in the area! Prices here are far, far, far away from those in Tejas...You wouldn't believe what we pay for a one bedroom apt here.

5/23/2006 2:08 PM  

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