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Friday, May 05, 2006

Just a Thought

Civil Procedure is such a waste of a Law Student's time, no one remembers that crap anyways . . .

As 1Ls, our minds are still so full of mush that we--well, most of us--end up taking it all over again when we've "grown up" enough to really grasp what the hell law school is all about.

But then they've just renamed it:

Conflicts, Complex Litigation, Federal Courts . . .

They're all just different ways of reteaching all of the stuff we were supposed to have learned in Civil Procedure that they knew we wouldn't.


Blogger Anonymous Law Student said...

I'm just winding up my 1L year, but I sense the truth in your words.

Not looking forward to doing it all again.

5/05/2006 8:55 PM  
Blogger Law Girl 2007 said...

No doubt. I'm just avoiding it all until studying for the bar exam.

5/07/2006 12:13 AM  

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