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Friday, September 01, 2006

The "Ringo Starr" of the Federal Judicial System

So he wasn't actually on the Supreme Court . . .

If you had lunch with Ringo Starr, you could still brag about eating with a Beatle . . .


He is the Chief Judge Emeritus of the nation's largest Circuit, AND he's a consultant to the Israeli and Pakistani Supreme Courts. And we had a romantic lunch together while I gazed longingly into the eyes of a big fat job opportunity.

That's right! He so gave me the complete "4-1-1" on getting the judicial clerkship of your dreams.

So I have all my judicial clerkship applications done and submitted. Now I just wait (pray) for the phone calls and jump back on making my car run again in the meantime.

By the way . . .

Apparently it is perfectly acceptable to tell a Circuit Court Judge that you'll have to put their offer on the back burner until you have had a chance to holler at Tony and Sammy, just to make sure they have a shot at your tremendous talent first.


Blogger Anonymous Law Student said...

Judges intimidate me. I feel like I'm meeting an intellectual rockstar.

9/03/2006 12:38 AM  

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