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Friday, May 26, 2006

Yet Providing Still More Proof

There is this girl--no one is quite sure who she is or where she comes from--that insists on spending her free time here. She just shows up. For no apparent reason, even. There will come a knock at the door and one of my many roommates will let her in.

Do they know her? No! But she'll walk right in and have a seat beside us watching t.v. Then she will join right in the conversation as if she has always belonged.

And one of her favorite pasttimes is, I have come to learn, sticking her foot in her mouth.

Yesterday she shows up and tells us she has just turned 21 and is looking for someone to go happy-hour-hopping with her. She looks to one of my fellow male roommates. We will call him Pacey because he faintly resembles the character.

So she directs this question in Pacey's direction. And Pacey shrugs . . .

[Pacey]: Ehhhhh. I'm kinda just a boring guy and don't like to go out much.

[Foot-in-Mouth Girl]: Oh? Are you the guy law student I've heard about?

At this point I am sitting at the other end of the table, and I chime in:

[Mr. Misery]: Nope! That would probably be me--the boring law student. I am so glad my reputation precedes me.

If you ever required more proof that Law School makes you boring . . .

There it is right there.


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