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Thursday, June 08, 2006

How do you destroy a government?

I was just assaulted by a LaRouche supporter.

I'm walking from the Capitol building to the Metro stop when I find myself posed with a blockade of wackos handing out Lyndon LaRouche propaganda.

"Wow," I think to myself, "he's been running for President since your parents were smoking pot and -- er, well -- from the looks of you they probably are still doing that. So how about since when it was actually cool for your parents to smoke pot. How's that? But, anyways, he's an old tired wacked-out egomaniac. Bunch of losers."

And I breach the lines with a violent shake of my head and a smirk.

But then one gutsy girl grabs my arm. This time I think to myself, "Wow, you should shave those legs. Or else not wear shorts."

And she says to me, yelling:

"Do you know how to destroy a government?!"

And I said,

"Yeah. Let the crazy liberals take over and run things."

I was about a quarter of the way down the escalator when a balled up piece of paper hit the back of my head.

I look back. She's smiling.

Then I think to myself, "You need to give this up and join the major leagues, Sasquatch."

But still, I can't believe . . .

I came all the way to D.C. and was assaulted by a Lyndon LaRouche supporter.

How embarrasing.


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